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Conquering eagles and geese

I don’t want to take this site too far down the road of posting historical items that are interesting merely for being historical, but it’s worth mentioning a first that Boston can claim. In 1860, from a balloon tethered on … Continue reading

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Food as Boston

No, not a thoughtful post about the geography of food in Boston. It’s more the other way around. First, we’ve all seen the vegetable Boston from Jen of Tiny Urban Kitchen, right? It’s possibly the best thing ever. Second, when … Continue reading

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(Cartographic) Greetings from Boston

Ah, postcards. The travel microblogs of yore. For decades they were the preferred (if not only) method for sending updates and short messages from near and far to friends and family. If you ever find yourself bored in an antique … Continue reading

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A Bostonian’s Idea of the United States of America

It’s hard to argue that humility is one of Bostonians’ virtues. Hub of the entire freaking universe? Yikes. No more humble, of course, is the object of our inferiority complex, New York. With massive pride comes a (geographically, at least) … Continue reading

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