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Mass Streets

Ah, the venerable street map. It is, perhaps, the most common type of map out there in a world of people in motion. From highway atlases to Google Maps, many a map, no matter how complex, is fundamentally designed around … Continue reading

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Boston’s Sketchy Appeal

The other day a colleague asked me, “Hey Tim, how do you make one of those Google Maps with a pin in it so I can show my friends how to get to my birthday party?” I knew he was … Continue reading

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Boston’s Inner Irish Green

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Boston. Today is a day held in very high esteem among the Boston Irish (by which I mean… everyone). And what better way to celebrate this day cartographically than to showcase the green in our fair … Continue reading

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Three-decker diffusion

Ah, the triple-decker (or three-decker, if you’re more old school). What makes it special is that it is the vernacular style of Boston but is something that largely goes unseen in the common “Boston” tourist experience. Below is map on … Continue reading

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A People’s Atlas of Boston

(Note: most links in this post have since gone dark, but you can still download the maps here.) We Bostonographers are very interested in people’s personal maps, particularly Kevin Lynch style cognitive mapping, about which Tim has written a Boston-centric … Continue reading

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Footprints of Boston

We mapmakers earn our keep by somehow adding value to raw geographic data; that is, the craft requires more than just plotting the location of objects on the Earth’s surface. But sometimes it’s hard to compete with the simple elegance … Continue reading

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