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New York, New York: The greatest town in the universe. You just can’t beat a town with a baseball team so classy that it wears pin-stripes and hotels so expensive that literally no human being can afford to stay for an evening. Really, New York has everything that Boston has to offer and more.

So, Andy and I have talked it over and we’ve decided that Bostonography has run its course. Sure, it was quaint, vaguely European and laced with forced references to educational institutions just outside of town. But, frankly, New York is better. I mean, Boston? Really? It’s actually pretty cute that we even thought for a moment that Boston could compete with the world capital that is New York City.

So, this was Bostonography. And thanks for checking it out while it was, despite Boston’s inevitable fate as a second tier city.

Now, this is New Yorkography. And thanks for joining us! Come back often, Tweet it up and tell your friends. We’ve graduated to a real city, one with a park larger than Monaco, over 25% of the world’s gold reserve and nearly four times more World Series titles than cute little Boston.

Here is just a sampling of why New York is so much more awesome than Boston. Boston has neighborhoods. Bah! They are so pedestrian that no one has bothered to formalize their boundaries. New York has boroughs and they are all better than Boston’s neighborhoods. Just look at them.

And, yes, that graphic is to scale.

ps. April Fools!

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7 Responses to Welcome to New Yorkography

  1. Adam says:

    I love your blog, but I have to harp on you for saying that New York has “…hotels so expensive that literally no human being can afford to stay for an evening.” I know you’re being tongue-in-cheek, but I know a lot of people who can afford to say there. 😉

  2. Neal says:

    I’ll call it: April Fool’s!

  3. Adam says:

    And yes… I know it’s all a joke. :)

  4. cristen says:

    (NYC lover and native, former and future Boston resident here) You have no idea how happy it made me to know that map is to scale. Best graphic ever.

    • Tim Wallace says:

      Glad you like the graphic, Cristen. In the spirit of honesty though, I should reemphasize that it was made (on April Fools Day) to be deliberately misleading. Sure, the scale is quite close, but it is still misleading and here are two reasons why: 1. NY boroughs have neighborhoods within them & three of the boroughs are larger than Boston on their own: Staten Island, Brooklyn & Queens. 2. I used a crude trick of making the NY boroughs significantly darker (bolder, more visually important) than the Boston neighborhoods, thus making them appear even larger.

      Still, jokes and visual tricks aside, there is some residual truth to this image. Boston and New York are such vastly different cities that making a reasonable comparison is a complicated undertaking.

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