Handy turkey maps of Boston

(Or, “Bostonography goes back to kindergarten.”)

Sidewalk turkey
This town is no stranger to turkeys. Above is a rude, slow pedestrian near Harvard Square, for example.

Wait, maybe Harvard Square is a turkey! We tried our hand at mapping this thought:
Harvard Square turkey hand map

Actually, the whole region is a turkey. And look, its head is right where the original Thanksgiving was! As they say on a different North Shore, shaka brah:
North Shore/South Shore turkey hand map

Step back and we can see that the whole of Massachusetts, in fact, is a turkey:
Mass turkey hand map

The Boston wharves turkey sports proudly struts around in Boston Common underpants and, naturally, needs corrective lenses to see Spectacle Island:
Boston wharf turkey hand map

And what do you see when you look at the Back Bay skyline? Why, a turkey of course:
Back Bay skyline hand turkey

Where do everyone’s favorite turkeys play baseball? In America’s Most Beloved Turkey:
Fenway Park turkey hand map

Please, show us maps (in turkey form) of your favorite places!
We’re looking at you, Mr. Sullivan!

Happy Thanksgiving, folks.

About Tim Wallace

I don't currently live in Boston, but it sure is my home. I was born in Boston and grew up frustrated by the Sox and mystified by the gigantic hole in Back Bay that existed during the construction of 500 Boylston. Boston is a city that somehow manages to never change while constantly changing. Its people, landscape and history are ripe for the 'graphing'. This blog exists as a case study to that effect. As a Boston native and a visual communication geek, I can't wait to see what we dig up. I hope you can't either.
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