Much Sass State

Can you believe it’s almost the 400th anniversary of the the Pilgrims arriving at Hot Lumpy?

South Shore and Cape anagrams

Maybe you’re more of a North Shore type, and are excited for summer so you can visit the beach at Meth Cranes By-The-Sea or Wry Nut Probe for a swim in the Anal Cat Notice.

North Shore anagrams

Yeah, it’s a Massachusetts anagram map. Designed by our inner 12-year-olds.

Massachusetts Anagram Map

Anagrams were all generated by the amazing Internet Anagram Server (or I, Rearrangement Servant).

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4 Responses to Much Sass State

  1. Andrew V says:

    Did you stumble on Plympton and have to use “Town of” Plympton?

  2. Mama Gretch says:

    This is hee-frickin’-larious! Wicked pissa-iest! Can’t get over how funny this is!

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