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I don't currently live in Boston, but it sure is my home. I was born in Boston and grew up frustrated by the Sox and mystified by the gigantic hole in Back Bay that existed during the construction of 500 Boylston. Boston is a city that somehow manages to never change while constantly changing. Its people, landscape and history are ripe for the 'graphing'. This blog exists as a case study to that effect. As a Boston native and a visual communication geek, I can't wait to see what we dig up. I hope you can't either.

Much Sass State

Can you believe it’s almost the 400th anniversary of the the Pilgrims arriving at Hot Lumpy? Maybe you’re more of a North Shore type, and are excited for summer so you can visit the beach at Meth Cranes By-The-Sea or … Continue reading

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Myriad marathons

Happy Patriots’ Day, everyone! Today thousands of runners are making that famous trek from Hopkinton to Boylston Street. That’s The Boston Marathon, the only one that counts, but there are many ways you can run 26 miles and 385 yards … Continue reading

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Map your neighborhood! (Again!)

When you think of your neighborhood, you probably think of many things—people, institutions, cultures… and geography. In your mind it probably has a spatial extent, or a center, or some fuzzy definition of what is “here” and what is “there.” … Continue reading

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Boston is 46 Percent Water

This is not a a paradigm-obliterating viral map. Boston is 46% water and this shows where it all is. Most of the water is offshore. Some of it is inland. But what if you don’t care where it all is? … Continue reading

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Fixed on Boston, Researchers Enhance Pale Blue Dot

Twenty-five years ago last month, the famous Pale Blue Dot image of Earth was born when astronomer Carl Sagan convinced NASA scientists to turn the Voyager 1 camera around and snap a pixel-sized portrait of our home planet from 3.7 … Continue reading

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It’s the end of Winter 2015 and, well, we don’t need to tell you that it has snowed a bit. Last Sunday we celebrated breaking the all-time seasonal snowfall record with 108.6 inches. Below is an animated map of SNODAS-modeled … Continue reading

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Spring map rundown

We’re still alive, maybe! It’s been tough to find time lately for major Bostonographizing, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been seeing some good maps and spitting out a few small ones ourselves. Here, briefly, are some assorted maps and … Continue reading

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The turkey menace

Happy Thanksgiving, Boston. Today is the day. Today we make a stand against the horde that threatens our fair city—the vicious, evil turkeys! They have invaded our streets, they have stood in our way, and they have gone after our … Continue reading

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Halftones: Walsh & Connolly

Following last week’s mayoral election in Boston, Andy made a series of 1 dot = 1 vote maps for Boston Magazine. Color me disappointed that these aren’t yet on a list of “20 stunning maps that will bend your mind … Continue reading

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Handy turkey maps of Boston

(Or, “Bostonography goes back to kindergarten.”) This town is no stranger to turkeys. Above is a rude, slow pedestrian near Harvard Square, for example. Wait, maybe Harvard Square is a turkey! We tried our hand at mapping this thought: Actually, … Continue reading

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