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I don't currently live in Boston, but it sure is my home. I was born in Boston and grew up frustrated by the Sox and mystified by the gigantic hole in Back Bay that existed during the construction of 500 Boylston. Boston is a city that somehow manages to never change while constantly changing. Its people, landscape and history are ripe for the 'graphing'. This blog exists as a case study to that effect. As a Boston native and a visual communication geek, I can't wait to see what we dig up. I hope you can't either.

MBTA + Boston Bikes Visualization

Back in January, the MBTA and City of Boston sponsored a developer challenge to develop new apps and visualizations making use of real-time bus locations and Hubway bike sharing station data. For the visualization challenge, they provided three days’ worth … Continue reading

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Wanted: your map of Boston neighborhoods

Let’s settle this. Over and over it’s been made clear that there is little agreement on the precise boundaries of Boston’s neighborhoods. Most people agree on the existence of the major neighborhoods, but everyone has different opinions on where one … Continue reading

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Allston: Trash v. Treasure Heap

It’s been nearly six months since Boston’s big moving day of 2011. Landlords will soon be demanding answers about lease renewals, if they aren’t already, and we will once again begin dreaming of that great holiday: Allston Christmas. You may … Continue reading

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Where to Buy Valentines in the 1800s

Your work day is done and you are getting ready to hop into your time machine to buy your sweetheart a valentine from 1800s Boston? Well, then we have just the thing for you! Courtesy of the Tufts Boston Streets … Continue reading

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Ah, The Super Bowl. Whether the home team is in the game or not (ahem… ours is), we can’t help but use the occasion as an excuse to hit up the local watering hole and have a few drinks with … Continue reading

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A Cartographic Year in the Life of Boston

In early December, we Tweeted the following: Bostonographers—Tweet your favorite Boston-based news story of 2011. Boston is a place where things happen. What happened this year & where? We received one response . . . and that’s only if you count … Continue reading

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More on Radio Maps

Our recent map on Red Sox and Yankees radio broadcast areas has raised a number of interesting questions. Chief among these revolves around a concern we had from the get-go: radio waves are not fixed. They vary wildly based on … Continue reading

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Red Sox Radio Rivalry

Well, you knew it was coming, right? How could we pretend to be a blog that has “Boston” in its title without eventually mapping something about the Red Sox? The fact is, we couldn’t. So, here it is: a map … Continue reading

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Observe Memorial Day (within 2 miles)

That’s right—it’s Memorial Day weekend. Most of us may not do much in the way of observing (or even noticing) this beyond partaking in the sudden and delicious influx of backyard barbecues (where the Sam seasonal is suddenly summery). And even if we do … Continue reading

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Boston’s Designed Locations

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon this image. It shows the location of Sweet Cupcakes in Cambridge. When I saw it, I instantly decided to write a post about how businesses in Boston imagine the space they inhabit through web-based … Continue reading

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