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Where to Buy Valentines in the 1800s

Your work day is done and you are getting ready to hop into your time machine to buy your sweetheart a valentine from 1800s Boston? Well, then we have just the thing for you! Courtesy of the Tufts Boston Streets … Continue reading

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A Cartographic Year in the Life of Boston

In early December, we Tweeted the following: Bostonographers—Tweet your favorite Boston-based news story of 2011. Boston is a place where things happen. What happened this year & where? We received one response . . . and that’s only if you count … Continue reading

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Autumn streets

Our last post was about summer colors. Boring. It’s autumn in New England! It’s those happy few weeks when the weather is pleasantly cool and the dazzling yellow, orange, and red trees distract us from thoughts of the dismal season … Continue reading

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Boston’s photographic colors

Boston is a colorful city, literally. From the green grass and trees of the Public Garden to the red bricks of the North End to the white triple-deckers of Dorchester, there is a variety of colors to see in the … Continue reading

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Observe Memorial Day (within 2 miles)

That’s right—it’s Memorial Day weekend. Most of us may not do much in the way of observing (or even noticing) this beyond partaking in the sudden and delicious influx of backyard barbecues (where the Sam seasonal is suddenly summery). And even if we do … Continue reading

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A People’s Atlas of Boston

(Note: most links in this post have since gone dark, but you can still download the maps here.) We Bostonographers are very interested in people’s personal maps, particularly Kevin Lynch style cognitive mapping, about which Tim has written a Boston-centric … Continue reading

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9,872 smoots. That’s how far I walked to make this deformed heart map for Valentine’s Day. That’s a GPS track of my path around Boston and Cambridge (and a bit of Somerville) to trace something like a heart shape. Over … Continue reading

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Map Pinning Boston

Bostonography provides us with the perfect forum for sharing bizarre, hybrid posts that randomly incorporate some of our favorite things. There is no doubt that soon enough, I will write something up on gummi candy maps of Roxbury… even if … Continue reading

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(Cartographic) Greetings from Boston

Ah, postcards. The travel microblogs of yore. For decades they were the preferred (if not only) method for sending updates and short messages from near and far to friends and family. If you ever find yourself bored in an antique … Continue reading

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Kevin Lynch & The Imageable Boston

You’re walking around Boston and a friendly stranger approaches you. “Say, I’m new in town. What neighborhood is this?” she asks. You furrow your brow, laugh nervously and say, “Back Bay? South End? Possibly both… or neither.” Then, for fear … Continue reading

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